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Capoeira Batuque was started by Mestre Amen Santo of Salvador Bahia and Mestre Beiçola of Rio de Janeiro over 25 years ago. The group continues to be guided by Mestre Amen Santo, with branches around the country and world. Our members bring an eclectic mix of special talents and abilities, brought together by the common interest of learning capoeira. Under the guidance of Contramestre Versátil, we learn capoeira as an art, culture, philosophy, and tradition. Teaching methods range from sessions based in the traditions of African Diaspora dance, to high intensity body weight sets developed from strategies by exercise physiologist Dr. Izumi Tabata; the infamous Bucket Class! Through hard training, we push our bodies and minds to be the best they can be. Through engagement in the community at large, we hope to champion a better tomorrow.


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